Restoring the Trust

Elliott Urges Healthcare Trust of America to Conduct a Strategic Review

Letter to the Board

October 11, 2021

Dear Mr. Blair, Mr. Foss, and Members of the Board:

We write to you on behalf of Elliott Investment Management L.P. and affiliates (together “Elliott” or “we”). Elliott has a substantial investment in Healthcare Trust of America, Inc. (“HTA” or the “Company”), making us one of HTA’s largest investors. 

First, we thank you for initially meeting with us last month and taking the time to hear our thoughts on the situation you face at HTA over the course of subsequent conversations. We appreciate that the resignation of Mr. Peters, the former Chief Executive Officer, was abrupt and unexpected. Second, we want to make clear that our goal is to work collaboratively with management and the Board of Directors to achieve a positive outcome for HTA’s shareholders, employees and medical tenants.



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